727 Bar & Grill



Goal was to do a re-brand of an existing local favorite bar and restaurant that closed its doors. Taking the existing vibe and address of the new restaurant, 727 Bar & Grill was formed. I assisted the owner in creating a new logo and menus along with other elements to assist the brand.



We used the sidewalk engraved address as inspiration, the logo mimicking the font and its stained glass appearance. While the interior was updated, the same vibes were kept which helped decided our style. They wanted to differentiate themselves from the former bar but still pay homage to it – something they hoped the residents would appreciate. The color scheme reflects the unique building and the interior was updated to reflect the muted shades of blue and wood.

The menus rely on clean type with fun colorful blocks to guide the readers eyes through the seemingly never ending food options. A dessert menu and drink brochure-style menu was requested. A brunch menu soon followed to cater to the growing popularity of Sunday brunch in Buffalo.

**Other elements pictured are ones that were not requested by client but more so to develop the brand for my personal desire.


Website Design

Something 727 desperately needed was a simply built, cleanly designed website to showcase what they're about and offer an easy way to look at the menu. This design is entirely of my own – not requested by the owner. I felt it really fleshed out their brand and wanted to include it.


Home Page

Simple grid, easy to navigate. Home page features upcoming events at the bottom and all the information you'd need on the bottom left (hours, location, social media).

About Page

About page features a little blurb that explains what 727 is all about, appealing to the old time customers of the previous restaurant and showing the new outdoor, pet friendly beer garden.


Simple page featuring two buttons linking to .PDF version of the menus. Buttons use the same style of color blocks on their full menus.