Hello! I'm Christina



I'm an independent graphic designer who focuses on creating print and web design solutions for individuals and companies โ€“ whether that's starting from a blank canvas or refreshing existing designs. I strive to create effective, thoughtful and clean solutions.

Working independently allows me to work on projects that I have a passion for and to create a schedule that works for my clients and I.

If you'd like to get in touch about a future project, see my resume or learn how I work remotely, get in touch!


I grew up in Rochester, New York (Yes, home of the garbage plate and yes, they're amazing) and went to complete my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design at SUNY Fredonia. After graduation, I moved to the city of Buffalo where garbage plates are non-existent and the new staple was chicken wings. Easy transition.

I've worked as an in-house designer for Fisher-Price, a screen print shop and Jim Kelly, Inc (can't get much more Buffalo than that) before transitioning full-time to freelance.

I've done a fair share of local and remote work and right now, focusing on the remote side of things. Take a look at a selection of my work here.





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Brand Creation


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