Calling for a re-do

Christina ShultsComment

July of 2016 sounds like a good month to start keeping up with the blog, right?

My chapter with Identity Ink ended last month. While I grew comfortable and very knowledgable of my position, I felt it was time to back to a more design-focused and commercial-focused career and accepted a position with Jim Kelly, Inc. What's more Buffalo than working for Jim Kelly?! By day I'm responsible for designing/updating NFL and College products and creating materials for Jim's organizations. By night (and early mornings) I'm freelancing away still – working on branding materials for the new 727 restaurant on Elmwood and various projects for Mindful Media Group.

It's been a busy summer filled with good fun, good design and warm weather. In the midst of my busy schedule, I hope to keep this updated with bits I'm working on and some lovely photos of my adventures.