Europe 2016

Christina ShultsComment

In the midst of everything that was going on job and freelance wise, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take a week and a half off to visit Germany, Austria & Spain this September.

My previous international travels were in 2010, traveling to Rome and Sicily with family for about a month to visit other family. The long flights and sometimes frustrating language barrier didn't scare me this time around.. but I think it might have scared my boyfriend a bit!

Flying from Toronto, we landed in Munich where we spent 2 nights in a lovely bed and breakfast. Oktoberfest was of course on the agenda. From there we spent another two nights in Salzburg, Austria trying out a hostel for the first time (not bad I must say!). To conclude our trip we took a short flight to Sevilla, Spain and spent 4 nights right in a gorgeous downtown in an AirBnB apartment, plus a day trip to Ronda.

Here's a few photos of the trip: