Prime Coat Painting

Christina ShultsComment

When news of Aaron Draplin's book coming out, I had to pre-order stat. When it arrived, I spent the weekend flipping through the pages, reading about his life and getting inspired by his work ethic, his need to create things little and big and the importance of collecting awesome pieces of whatever has some good type and lines on it. His work is so vast, dating back to a time that is romanticized by pre-smart phone road trips, working from the road and immersed in magazine work for snowboard companies. Creating that amount of work is something I aspire to do this year and more importantly, sharing it to the world instead of hiding in my oddly named folders on my desktop ;) Needless to say, great purchase.

Around the time I was admiring Draplin’s work & book, a friend of mine needed a facelift on his painting company – a side business he’s trying to take to the next level serving the Rochester area. He came to me for some logo ideas. Good news, the branding for the local painting companies in that area are in pretty rough, outdated shape. Draplin’s work fresh on my mind, I started to explore bolder, simpler colorful options that is easy to spot when placed on future materials – business cards, vinyl decals, brochures, mailers, etc. The outcome is a blue, geometric approach to Prime Coat painting and I’m very happy with how it came out.

Check out the project here