Identity Ink



During my time at Identity Ink, I noticed and often voiced the issues within the company that was hindering quality work. The city of Buffalo deserved a quality screen print shop that didn’t follow the same model as the older establishments. A resurgence to the city means creating products and apparel that reflects fresh ideas – something that Buffalonians were proud to wear. At the very least, a logo that was interesting to wear and rep.

I took my hours of sketching and proposals to create a new identity for Identity Ink.



The following identity is something entirely of my own – what I envision the company to be and what the city needs. Beautiful, bold and sometimes edgy and geometric.  With an ever changing and dynamic logo, apparel that embodies the brand, new and exciting designs that showcase the greatness of Buffalo, this is the Identity Ink I envisioned. 

**The following is not a representation of Identity Ink, solely a passion project




Multiple variations and lockups to be used for tags, apparel, promotional products, etc.


Variations for neck labels


Web Icons to show the three services:
Screen printing
Promotional Items

Website needed a more organized system of conveying who they are and what services they provide. Better imagery and typography goes a long way. Customers had a hard time navigating the site and understanding they could order custom items as well as Buffalo Merch.