Anna needed a printed piece to hand out to young adults on the hunt for their future college. It needed to act as an eBook and a printable catalog, the goal to hand several worksheets to for prospective students and parents to print and fill out during and after their visits. It needed to be clean, easy on the printer and match Lotus Learning's styling.


The inside pages are set in orange and shades of gray, the images converted to grayscale with an altered opacity for easy printing. To be an attractive eBook that draws people to download, the cover is full-color and image heavy with large and bold type.

The interior layouts are clean with wide margins and utilize white space for an easy to read and organized system.



Working with Christina was a fantastic experience! She over-delivered in every respect: She communicated design decisions clearly, provided multiple options to choose from, did extra things that were not even in the project’s original scope, and was very amenable to incorporating my suggestions/requests. I am super happy with the end product — a PDF guide/workbook — which was very much aligned with my branding and aesthetic. She nailed it.
— Anna from Lotus Learning

The booklet was designed to be an eBook first and foremost while urging readers to print out the designated printable sheets to take with them to their college visits. The cover features full-color imagery to catch the attention of readers viewing it on screen or looking to download it. Top is the final design, the bottom 3 were concepts and initial rounds.


The spreads use a primary orange color reflective of their brand with shades of gray for majority of text and highlight boxes. The imagery throughout is converted to grayscale, altering the opacity to be printer-friendly in case users decide to print out the entire document.


There are 3 chapters that highlight the different steps to college visits – before your visit, during and after.


This is an example of the several printable sheets Lotus Learning wanted to encourage students and parents to print out. They get to carry these to their visits, jotting down notes during and inbetween talks. In the end, they should have recordings of each of their visit to help narrow down their options.