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Prime Coat Painting

Prime Coat Painting



Prime Coat Painting came to me to create a fresh face for their painting business. They were building upon a side business, hoping to gain more clients as summer was approaching and adding a few members to their team. Ultimately, they wanted to stand out among the Rochester, NY competition, showcasing their professionalism in an eye-catching way.



Researching the local market and competition, there was an apparent lack of branding across the painting companies in the area. This gave us an advantage to create a beautiful mark that would easily stand out among future materials – cards, mailers, car vinyl, website, etc.

Using calming blues and a fun paintbrush icon paired with bold type, Prime Coat was ready to stand out and attract new clients. Double sided business cards displayed their information utilizing both sides and bright blue ink against stark white stationary.

Prime Coat Logo

Early working samples to weed through and present to client


Sample of early business card ideas. The thought was to utilize a double sided card for white space, displaying either the logo largely on one side or just a colorful graphic / icon. 


The business card chosen was a double sided, all white card. The front displayed the logo and made room for the phone number to give the back side some breathing room.

The back contains contact information, what kind of painting Prime Coat does and the definition of 'Prime'.

The final outcome is a mix of my suggestions and what the client wanted to express.